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Innovative business rescue solutions before it's too late

Our Purpose

Financially distressed businesses depends on us.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the Business Rescue Solution Provider of Choice in South Africa.

Our Mission

We deliver innovative business rescue solutions to financially distressed businesses through:

  • Client business knowledge
  • Attentive collaborative associates
  • Realistic execution

Our Core Values

Our values reflect our core ideologies and drive the decisions we make. These values statements reflect what we must live, breathe and reflect in all our daily activities. They are the guidelines for driving our day-to-day decision-making and are the tools to help bring the brand to life.

Integrity & Respect

The foundation of our business is integrity. We are open, honest and responsible for following through on our commitments. All interactions with customers, partners, shareholders and team members must be conducted with integrity, ethics and mutual respect.


We seek opportunities to partner with customers, fellow associates and suppliers. Strategic business collaboration produces mutual benefits. We value those relationships and invest in their long-term development.


We encourage continuous development of our skills and expertise to better serve our customers and the profession.

Passion for Excellence

We aspire to be the best at everything we do, always striving to be the first choice for our customers and partners.

Our Brand Pillars

Pillars are architectural elements that support structure and form. These four key attributes define who we are as a Business Rescue company. All marketing and communications should align to these core words and the ideas behind them.

We Care

We believe in supporting and caring for the individuals in distressed businesses and therefor we always conduct our task with the utmost sensitivity. We honour the trust invested in us and are careful with the information made available to us.

We become the Business Rescue solution of choice by:

  • Listening to our customers’ specific needs
  • Offering real support during these difficult periods
  • Protecting our customers where possible from any exploitation

We Serve

Human beings have wants that go beyond needs. We are not a Business-to-business company but a Human-being-to-human-being-company. What matters most is not what we do, but how we do it.

We are the Business Rescue company of choice by:

  • Offering personal attention and trustworthy service
  • Communicating pro actively with honesty and professionalism
  • Demonstrating our personal commitment through exceptional individualized service

We Partner

We believe in partnering with our clients and in helping our customers to recover and restructure their businesses. We focus on sound business rescue solutions and our success is directly tied to theirs.

We become the Business Rescue solution of choice by:

  • Being a spokesperson for and on behalf of our customers
  • Making it convenient to do business with us
  • Following up and following through

We Advise

We do more than just restructure your business. We assess, instruct, counsel, support and redirect if necessary. If it needs to get done in the Business Rescue Environment, this is the company of choice to help you with your specific needs.

We become the Business Rescue solution of choice by:

  • Asking the right questions to understand the customer’s specific needs and to deliver a realistic solution
  • Communicating our customer's needs to our partners
  • Working with our customer on the road of recovery
  • Sharing industry methodologies

Our Value Proposition

Business Rescue provides realistic Business Rescue Solutions – connecting our customers, fellow associates and suppliers all over South Africa – one business at a time.

Our Voice & Tone

Three of our five senses are directly related to language. Defining language and voice infuses a brand with an emotional dimension, helps make it real and distinctive, creating trust and credibility.


Definition: Real

Synonyms: Accurate, actual, authoritative, bona fide, certain, convincing, credible, creditable, dependable, factual, faithful, for real, genuine, legit, legitimate, official, original, pure, reliable, sure, true, trustworthy, trusty, twenty-four carat, valid, veritable

Antonyms: Bogus, counterfeit, fake, phony, spurious, unauthorized


Definition: Certain

Synonyms: Assured, bold, brave, convinced, courageous, dauntless, expectant, expecting, fearless, intrepid, positive, secure, self-assured, self-reliant, self-sufficient, sure, trusting, unafraid, undaunted, upbeat, valiant

Antonyms: Diffident, insecure, uncertain, unsure


Definition: Persistent

Synonyms: Bent, bent on, constant, decided, decisive, dogged, driven, earnest, firm, fixed, intent, persevering, purposeful, resolute, resolved, serious, set, set on, settled, single-minded, solid, steadfast, strong-minded, strong-willed, tenacious, unfaltering, unflinching, unhesitating, unwavering

Antonyms: Hesitating, vacillating, waffling, wavering, weak