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Innovative business rescue solutions before it's too late

Distressed Companies

Business Rescue aims to maximise the likelihood of a Company remaining in existence. It’s vital to take action as soon as financial problems appear potentially unsolvable. Once we have assessed the distressed Company’s situation and agreed to act, we immediately:

  • determine whether there is a reasonable prospect if the Company can be rescued;
  • assist with the application for Business Rescue Status through the following options:
    1. the Board of the Company may resolve that the Company voluntarily begins business rescue proceedings to CIPC;
    2. the Board of the Company can apply; or
    3. an Affected Person can apply to the court; and devise and propose a Business Rescue Plan.

During the commencement of the business rescue proceedings:

  • the Company is protected against creditors;
  • no legal action may be instigated, commenced or proceeded with;
  • breathing space is created to structure the debts of the Company – such re-structuring will result in a better return for the creditors rather than an immediate liquidation of the Company; and
  • the Company is supported with legal, accounting and management advice.

Creditors. Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

Business Rescue was founded in January 2001, the first company to be established in South Africa with its sole purpose to provide expert advice and service offering to the business rescue environment. Our expertise, strategic partner ships and profession alliances enable us to:

  • provide advisory services with regard to business rescue proceedings and its impact on creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders;
  • act as a Business Rescue Representative of Choice for creditors or stakeholders;
  • provide an independent and expert appraisal of probable liquidation dividends for creditors or stakeholders;
  • assist other Business Rescue Practitioners with independent and expert appraisals and valuations; and
  • also impact on employees and/or their respective representatives.